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Your Internet Business- Mini-Site DIY

An increasing number of online marketers are now taking interest in designing mini-site for their niche business. It is now proved that a mini-site has a strong potential to grow up as a steady source of automated income stream. Generally these mini-sites are designed in a niche-targeted fashion.

If you have a mini-site, you can display Google AdSense ad and earn revenue. You can even promote your affiliate product with the help of mini-site. Since the mini-sites are targeted towards a particular niche, these sites are even more powerful.

The smaller size of these mini-sites can ensure optimum navigational structure. So these sites are able to draw maximum attention of search engines. Thus these sites are usually visited by organic traffic. This makes these sites such a popular choice for internet marketing business.

In this article, you will get a quick step-by-step guide to design mini-site. Here we go.

If you are creating your mini-site from scratch, you can take the help of HTML editor such as Dreamweaver or Microsoft Front Page. These applications will give you WYSIWYG benefit.

First of all, you must focus on designing your header. Make it sure that your header should be very attractive. I am not saying that the header must contain any dazzling effect with the use of high contrast colors. But the color selection and presentation should be so effective that can create an ever-lasting impact.

Design your header with Adobe Photoshop or any other graphic software that supports both vector icons and raster graphic format. Don’t forget to save your graphics in ‘Save for Web’ format, so that it loads faster on web.

Don’t use frames, because many browsers do not support frames. Instead of using frames, you can simply use CSS style sheet. It is quite effective in the sense that it loads faster as well as it eliminates the limitations of table.

Make a left or right sidebar in your web page and list up the items you want to keep in your mini website. Make it sure that your mini site should be anywhere between 3 to 10 pages.

You must be enough careful about designing the ‘Call-to-Action’ boxes in your website. Be sure that the good and effective ‘Call-to-Action’ box can trigger more sales or have the higher potentiality.

Be sure your footer must carry the relevant information regarding earning disclaimer, privacy policy, terms and conditions and affiliate information.

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