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The leopard icon (Panthera leo) is a species within the household Felidae and a member of the genus Panthera. It has a muscular, deep-chested physique, a brief, rounded head, spherical ears, and a furry tuft on the finish of its tail. It’s sexually dimorphic; grownup male lions have a distinguished mane

Icon leopard Helmet


In Icon leopard Helmet achievements, the helmet or helm is located above the defending and bears the torse and crest. The model of helmet displayed varies in line with rank and social standing, and these types developed over time, in keeping with the event of precise navy helmets.


Icon Leopard Print Helmet


Print Helmet’s everyday heraldic leopard differs from the pure leopard (Panthera pardus) in that it has no spots and sometimes has a mane, however is most comparable in look to a heraldic lion, aside from its angle. Within the Center Ages, leopards have been considered a crossbreed between a lion and a pard.


Snow Leopard Icon

The Snow (Panthera uncia), also referred to as the ounce, is a felid within the genus Panthera native to the mountain ranges of Central and South Asia. It’s listed as Weak on the IUCN Pink Listing as a result of the worldwide inhabitants is estimated to quantity lower than 10,000 mature people


Airframe Leopard Icon


The Airframe (or Leopard 1) is a predominant battle tank designed and produced by Porsche in West Germany that first entered service in 1965. Developed in a period when HEAT warheads have been thought to make standard heavy armor of restricted worth


Leopard pc Icon

Utilized in many locations on a pc. The desktop accommodates icons as shortcuts – clicking on these icons opens up the file, folder, or software that they stand for. For instance, in Microsoft Home windows the desktop will usually have an icon for the Recycle Bin, and the icon normally seems to be like a trash can within the next stop.

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