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Into the Wild glyph icon: Himalayan Holidays in Ladakh

Ladakh is a region wedged between Pakistan and China, Nature Wildlife glyph icons meaning that in the past it has had its fair share of tension. The area shares lot of similarities to neighbouring Tibet, now controlled by China, and the strong Indian military presence ensures that it is a safe tourist destination these days. The Indian tourism board has promoted the area highly as ideal for Himalayan holidays and Himalaya trekking. Nearly all holidays here will start in Leh, which can be accessed by plane from places like Delhi, or there are roads and buses from Srinigar and Manali. One thing to make sure you consider is altitude sickness, Leh, is above 3,500m and many parts of Ladakh are even higher.Take your time to adjust and be wary of the extremely thin air. Due to the cold, snow, and other extreme conditions Ladakh is only accessible for bespoke holidays between June and September.

On the road

Traditional travel is dominated by Bactarian camels and on horseback. Business Trade Glyph Icons however renting a Royal Enfield bike is a great option for custom holidays. Giving you the freedom to roam the open plains of Ladakh, this iconic vehicle of India is almost as much of an institution as the aforementioned wildlife. With plenty of home stays along the way and wide open roads, of varying quality, it’s an excellent way to get to the stunning sights that await you. For the high-end traveller there are always luxury tented camps nearby.

Leh, as the focal hub that it is, is the best place to set out from. Organise your bikes here and head out on the open road. After seeing Leh, an interesting city in it own right, Analysis Line Icons head northwest towards the Nubra Valley. On the way you will come across, and ride through, the Khardung La Pass, possibly the highest road in the world at over 5,500m. You will feel dwarfed in this landscape, with the Himalayas rising to the south and the Karakorams to the north. Take a break at a roadside home-stay for some authentic local hospitality or power on to the Nubra Valley itself. A good option for sleeping is the Valley Flower Camp in Summur, each tent is equipped with 24-hour hot water supply to clean yourself up after the long ride. Indulge in a bit of light Himalaya trekking in the local area before heading back to Leh for your next adventure.

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