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Decorating Your Website for Christmas

It is that time of the year when you can feel the cold in the air; warmth in your heart and the smell of the rum cakes filling up your nostrils. This is the time of the year when red and green fills the ambience in every possible way. This is the time when merriment and joy becomes the core of everything. It is that time when everybody gets geared for the inevitable change. This change can be felt not only in the reality but, also the virtual world as well.

It is the time of the year when the season’s spirit can be felt in the websites especially the website designs. Be it the retail sites, blog pages or even the social networking sites, every class of websites are seen to embrace this change. The color red and green becomes the primary focus coupled with images of Santa’s hats, presents and stockings.

To bring the flavor of Christmas to your website there are certain things you have to keep in mind. This article would be solely focusing on the dos and don’ts, which will help your website to get ready for the Christmas.

Here are few of the do’s to help you dress up your website for the Christmas.

So, Do

a)… Change the scheme of your website

The colors red, green, gold and silver are considered to be the colors, which defines the Christmas icons. Even if you have a website of different colors, do apply hue such as gold, ruby and emerald. These colors would not only compliment the red and the green within the site, but also help in imbibing the Christmas spirit into it.

Make the banner of the website compatible with the rest of the site. To conjure more of the Christmas feeling within your visitors you can always pepper the website with ornaments and snowflakes.

b)… Develop a shipping calendar

If you are into e-commerce website designing, than shipping calendar becomes very important in this time of the year especially for the last-minute shoppers. These shipping calendars help the consumers to make out the status of the delivery date, if they want their present under their pine tree on the Christmas day.

c)… Design a gift guide

Gift guides are essential part of an e-commerce website gearing up for Christmas. So when you are planning to give a make-over to your e-commerce site, tools like call outs and product badges can essentially help in creating the gift guides, which will focus on the ratings and the reviews of other customers, and help in developing the site.

d)… Make fun an important part of the webs design process

Keep in mind that in the holiday season, fun plays a big role for running any business. If only you find redesigning your website for Christmas interesting, then only you should go for it. Work with some of your seasoned developers to come up with a Christmas design for your website, which would be able to blow your visitor’s mind to the North Pole.

And if you are planning to make the changes for your website by yourself, and if you don’t have proper acquaintance with the software, try to keep the site simple.

e)… Prepare the social networking icons of the site for Christmas

Don’t forget to make the social networking buttons based on Christmas themes. You can wrap the Twitter bird with a green scarf, or put a Santa hat on the top of the ‘f’ logo of Facebook and you are good to go. These delicate changes of the icons can help you attract newer visitors to your site.

Now for some of the don’ts, which might tarnish the image of the website.

So, Don’t

a)… Attach any Christmas tunes to your website.

‘Jingle Bells, Jingle bells, Jingle all the way… ‘ there is not a single bit of doubt that this music definitely helps in conjuring the spirit of Christmas. But have you ever tried to listen to this song in loops? The sound itself would act as the driving force for the visitors to get away from the site. Have respect for the people who are working at the moment when they open your site. If they want to listen to anything, they have their own share of podcasts or music. So why would you try to force feed them with looping tunes which might ruin your site? Save their souls and remove the music.

b)… Put excessive animation

The great maestro of website designs definitely agree to the fact that right animation in the right place of the site definitely helps in the growth of the website. So why let those extra animated Santa pop-up from every nooks and corners of the site. Even if you are planning to use animations, give your visitors something, which will help them to engage, not irritate them. You have to be subtle about it.

Not many days are left for the Christmas to come. So, it’s best to put on the Santa hat, and prepare your website for the Christmas.

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