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Carving Out A Game Designer Career

One of the hottest things on the market today are games that can be played on television, the computer or other media. The idea that one can actually be part of the action is fascinating and has grown in popularity. If you want to really get into a rapidly advancing industry then a game designer career is for you. This is especially true if you have been playing these games and realize the excitement that arises when meeting the challenges of the game.

Obviously, to make a career in this area you will need some training. There are universities, academies, technical and art institutes that offer the necessary training. It is even possible to take classes online, which are taught by people who are already employed in the field.

In this article you will be taught techniques needed when entering this field. They will include such classes as Scene and set design, Character Development, Visual Storytelling, Game Design Strategies, game icons, sports icons and many others that are needed when putting a video production together. Of course, the more you know about computers and computer engineering the easier it will be to take those classes.

There are large numbers of diverse jobs in this industry. Each one addresses certain portions of the design such as styles, techniques, coloring, animation and so forth. A few of them are concept artist, illustrator, animator, and texture artist.

The concept artist, for example, must be sure the design agrees with the overall look of the subject, achieve effects with various designs, as well as use colors and color schemes that will balance throughout the action. The illustrator must draw animals and people in a manner that agrees with anatomy, proportion and skeletal structures. He or she must also create environments with buildings and landscapes that seem believable.

The animator creates individual characters and scenes within the project, filmic introductions and endings. The texture artist does all the texturing for the 3D models that are used. This would require knowledge of how to use such things as Photoshop, Painter, Deep Paint and other vector based applications.

This is an industry which is wide open for those who wish to carve out a game designer career. New ideas are constantly being offered and developed and it could very well be yours. What excitement to discover, and offer, new concepts for games that have not yet been heard of. Talking to individuals who are currently involved in the gaming industry will be very helpful. They will be able to give you details and information about what steps you should take to enter this exciting career field.

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