Website Designing - Alternate Source of Income for Website Designers

Jul 02 , 2020

Website Designing - Alternate Source of Income for Website Designers

Alternate Source of Income for Website Designers

The demand for Alternate sources of Income for Website Designers is on an increase. This does not mean that all the website designers have work. There are some designers that have a lot of work while there are some others who do not have any work. There are different ways through which these sorts of designers can generate some income for themselves.

The designers need to have reliable information and the right tools to generate income. If information is faulty then it is possible that the designer may lose money.

Some of the websites that can help the designers to generate income are as follows


This is a large website network. This churns out quality web development content as well as web design. Theme Forest is one of the leading sections of Envato, where the designer can sell his/her work. If you have already developed any themes/template for content management systems like Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal you can put that theme/template directly for sale. The price of the template can vary from $5 to $40. The designer being the creator of the theme/template gets some percentage from the proceeds of the sale.


For those who want to buy and sell vector art, a marketplace is provided by the VectorStock. This facility was launched in 2007. VectorStock facilitates the designers with thousands of stock circle vector design elements, icons, and illustrations. Before putting up your work for sale on the VectorStock the designer needs to first apply and get approved. The designer can get 25-30% of the proceeds of the sale.


MyFonts offers the designers a platform to approach a large number of people and sell the fonts developed by the designer. The MyFonts charges a small amount to the designer for the service it provides.

Graphic Leftovers

This is one of the latest marketplaces for designers. You can quote your images and other work from $1 to $20. The designer can quickly upload many files. The designer gets 52% of the proceeds on sales.


If you want to sell your design this is one of the leading marketplaces on the internet. You just need to sign up, create and submit the new graphic design.