Top 5 Website Logo Design Tips

Jul 01 , 2020

Top 5 Website Logo Design Tips

Top 5 Website Logo Design Tips

If you are one of those Top 5 Website Logo Design Tips entrepreneurs who think that a website logo design creation is just as simple as any other graphical element designing, then you should correct yourself. Custom logo designs aren't as simple to create as other web graphics as a website logo design has to be high profile in terms of technicality and appearance.

Thus, you may follow the below given tips:

  1. Usage of Vectors designing:

It is a MUST these days for every graphics designer to use vectors but everyone doesn't consider it which is a mistake. Circle vector icons designs allow the most variants for your logo. Its best when you want to rescale the logo any time for any stage such as blogs, websites, brochures, business cards, banners etc because one of its best feature is its capability of resizing without the loss of picture quality.

  1. Don't use more than 3 fonts:

Only the unprofessional and immature designers make the mistake of using more than 3 fonts in a logo brand mark. In fact using 3 fonts is also much but it's bearable. As I see it, a multi font logo gives a real bad feel to the viewers as it looks too childish and amateurish.

  1. Make it easily readable:

No matter if you have put endless efforts on your business logo but if your logo isn't readable to your readers and they can't understand the logos, its text and message than it's a total wastage to you! So must design your logo in such a simplistic style that it doesn't confuse your clients and they easily understand what your custom logo designs shows, and what your company is all about.

  1. Avoid adding photos:

Photos and pictorial graphics are not vectors and thus they don't scale well, then why to use them? What you need to put in your logo are the different symbols that go along with the theme of your business.

  1. Avoid using and following current trends:

"Trends come and go", you have heard thus, right? If yes, than you may believe it once and for all. Following the traditions is not for wise entrepreneurs and it can only ruin your business image in a long term and nothing else. So in order to look fresh, you should come up with something unique instead of using the traditional or current styles. In order to come up with unique ideas for Website logo designs you may GOOGLE so you can look at some good design that will give you new ideas and inspiration.

Thus, these 5 tips will help you in designing your successful logo design creation. Explore our free icons site